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Your workplace is a reflection of your company’s culture and the way you do your work. Whight’s Commercial Cleaning in Rockhampton helps you create a positive first impression among visitors and prospective investors through comprehensive commercial cleaning services.

Our business ethic revolves around providing efficient, prompt, reliable and courteous service. We focus solely on commercial cleaning—you can count on us to clean every corner of your office using a combination of industry best practices and the latest techniques.

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Routine Cleaning Services

At Whight's, we are committed to delivering a thorough clean, without disrupting your operations.

We can tailor a regular cleaning schedule to accommodate your operating hours.

We are happy to visit before your trading time, during the day or after closing, to ensure that your business remains productive even as we clean. Book a routine clean today!
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Thorough & Comprehensive

To make sure we leave every nook and cranny of your office clean, we follow a comprehensive checklist of what needs to be cleaned. Our checklist includes the following:
  • General office cleaning of furniture, counters, sills & ledges
  • General cleaning of internal walls, doors & door frames of buildings
  • Dust & sanitise the area, including skirting boards & furnishings
  • Dust & wipe desks, including monitors
  • Dust vents
  • Clean bin, replace bin liners
  • Sweep & mop floors with hot water
  • Vacuum & scrub floors & mop hard floor surfaces
  • Vacuum carpets & rugs
  • Clean 1st floor glass windows
  • Clean glass & mirrors
  • Wipe door handles, sills & doors
  • Wipe down tables, cabinets & other hard surfaces
  • Remove marks from walls & columns
  • Strip, clean & reseal vinyl floors
  • Sanitise telephones & keyboards
  • Clean lunchrooms including sinks & tables
  • Clean refrigerator & microwave ovens
  • Clean & sanitise sinks
  • Clean bathrooms
  • Clean & sanitize toilet & exterior area
  • Clean & sanitize sinks & counter area
  • Replace toilet paper & hand towels
  • Poison weeds
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Complete Cleaning Solutions

Providing complete cleaning services, we look out for areas and items that are often forgotten and neglected. Apart from shared areas in your workplace, we also clean the following:

  • Lunch rooms
  • Floors
  • Tiles
  • Stairwells
  • Bins
  • Chairs & tables
  • Shelves

We believe our success in the cleaning industry comes down to our ability to see clients not as numbers or jobs, but as people. When you choose us as your commercial cleaning company, you can expect us to understand your organisation and your team’s unique needs.

Contact us today and learn why we are the cleaners of choice for businesses in Rockhampton including Gracemere, Mt. Morgan and Capricorn Coast.

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